Week in the Life of a Radiant Mephit: Day 5
This project has made me feel that my life is boring. An email can be the highlight of my day.

I carry crayons in my purse.

Isn't the steam kind of neato?

The fluorescent string marks the new garage footprint.

This is why an email can be exiting. I passed my primary area exam!!!

Snuggly Peaches is full of snuggles.

That was a seriously good day. I plan to submit my secondary area exam by the end of Fall '12 semester, and during winter break work on my dissertation proposal. That would be swell. Lots to do between now and then, like research, literature review, writing, and passing my last two classes, all the while not getting fired from my job. FUN!

Week in the Life of a Radiant Mephit: Day 4
I took Saturday off due to temporary insanity, so Day 3 was Friday and Day 4 was Sunday, September 9th. Here are the rules, which I have conveniently disobeyed.

I need to read this whole book by Wednesday for class.


At one point I was despairing over how boring a Sunday could be, and then a dumptruck pulled up, the driver got out, started up the Bobcat, and took our crappy cement slab apart. Excitement!

In the midst of those shenanigans, Grandma and Grandpa showed up-- with toys!!!
The day ended with much more reading and some beer. I read 113 pages in one day. It's a good book!


Week in the Life of a Radiant Mephit: Day 3
This was a Friday that started wth a mess and ended with a mess. Week in the Life rules are here.

Isn't that some creatively strewn detritus?


Then there was a bobcat in my backyard.


The Peach took notice.

Sudden rainstorm.

Ended the day as it began: another curated delight.

Week in the Life of a RadiantMephit: Day 2
The rules of this game are here.

Yesterday I attended two classes, and went in to the office, and OH LAME, i just now remembered that I missed a meeting. I was also late to a girls night out. Double lame. Anyways, here are pictures of what was happening when I wasn't doing any of those things.

We are really lucky at KU to have Prof. Muehlenhard on staff. This type of research is challenging to complete!

Is this one looking suspiciously like one of the ones ChernobylRed posted at some point? I feel like it is. Maybe we're starting a series of magazine covers at the Merc photos. 


Week in the Life of a RadiantMephit: Day 1
Why start on a Wednesday? Why not?

Here are the rules:
1. You must take between 6 and 8 new photographs per day.
2. Your WITL must be consecutive. No skipping days.
3. You must post your photographs by the next morning.*
4. Each photograph must have the time taken beneath and a title, with no other explanation.

You must post these rules at your first entry, then link back to it for the other six days so that people will know wtf you're doing.
*Adopted from clevermanka

So. That was five pictures. Today I will try for 6. I spend a good amount of time with my kid each day and I'm still undecided about how to handle the whole pics on the web thing for him. Also, I go to class and I want to respect the privacy of the people in my classes, so I'm trying to be reasonable about that too. Stuff to sort out.

Little Black Jacket by Chanel
For anyone who still lets me languish in their feed readers. A lovely little video! 

Research to Combat Excessive Photo Retouching
This article about a newly developed computational model that can detect photographic airbrushing makes me happy:


Here's a sample of some of the photos that were used to build the tool (the top row is un-retouched; the bottom row is retouched):

Image Source: http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2011/11/photo-alteration-analysis/

It's really exciting stuff!
Emily K.

A dark red corset in my imagination
I am planning to make my first corset. The one I currently wear, made for me by the incredible nataliesee, looks like this (I'm on the far left of the photo).

It is gorgeous, but corsets are almost more exciting to collect than tattoos! So, it's time to start learning how to make my own. This is absurd because my sewing skill is at beginner-intermediate.

On the other hand, the last time I posted about my goals, I reached all of them. Defended Master's Thesis, lost the remainder of the baby weight, yada yada.

I have also made a little bit of progress: I bought the fabric for the corset and I bought the Laughing Moon Dore corset kit. Also, I have my machine. And I've been reading through and bookmarking posts in the corsetmakers group so that I will know what I want mine to look like. One of the nice things many people say about the Laughing Moon pattern is that it's customizable. 

I still need: thread, canvas or coutil, bias tape, and TO DO ALL THE WORK.

But, sewing tends to be something technical that I can do with my hands, and is therefore a nice balance to all the time I spend in my head working on the PhD. 

To corsets!
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In the spirit of ventilating my house, this is what I've been doing for the past four months:

This is my four month old son Colin, on my lap. I adore him. 

As for the rest of my life, I started three things at the end of March:

- I went back to work after maternity leave
- I began the slow-carb diet
- I started working on Version 11 of my Master's thesis

Progress so far?

- Work is going pretty well. I planned an event that didn't suck. I've edited some things, and been to meetings that haven't sucked. I am getting projects done and able to make it home for most of baby's feedings, so that's good.
- I've lost eight pounds. That's pretty cool, but I have ten more to go. I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about the ice cream and cookies I'm not eating.
- The thesis is ARGH. I have 15 of 28 edits complete, but the last 13 might kill me. I am presenting my research at a seminar tomorrow, and I feel ready. I would like to defend before my committee all goes on summer vacation, but that means I NEED to FINISH this revision. ARGH.

Also, we've been interviewing daycares and landscapers. Promising possibilities on both fronts.

That's what I'm up to. How's your April going?

The Trevor Project
One of my favorite things I've seen come out of the It Gets Better movement.

I'm calling it a movement.


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